The ‘Biergarten’ (literal: beer garden) – a bavarian tradition

When you come to Bavaria the first thing you will notice is the omnipresence of the beer culture.  Famous breweries like Augustiner, Hacker Pschorr and Löwenbräu were found in bavarians regional capital Munich. It is no wonder that bavarians take their beer and its purity requirements very serious. Although there will always be recurrent discussions about the ‘best’ beer, there is one part of beer culture where everyone agrees on: the bavarian tradition of ‘Biergarten’ is fascinating!

The concept of ‘Biergarten’ exists since beginning of the 19th century. With awakening of flora and fauna from winter blues in springtime, doors are opening to welcome the happy and unstressed visitors who want to enjoy their day with selfmade ‘Brotzeit’ and a cold ‘Maß’.

In ‘Biergarten’ there is the law of bringing your own food and eat with pleasure but buying drinks at the ‘Biergarten’. For all those, that like to have tasty ‘Obatzter’, Spareribs or simply a big freshly baked pretzel (‘Brezn’) accompanied with ‘Radi’ (radish), there is a self service desk in every ‘Biergarten’.

Numerous ‘Biergarten’s are located all over Munich, though the largest and long-established ‘Biergarten’ is the royal Bavarian Hirschgarten located in the Hirschagartenallee 1. With shade provoding chestnut trees covering the area, one can enjoy an Augustiner Maß in direct vicinity to a park with up to 8000 fellow visitors. The close fallow deer park with 30 deers is well worth seeing.

A very special ‘Schmankerl’ is offered by the ‘Fischer Vronie’ – a bavarian institution, that can be found on the ‘Oktoberfest’ in september as well. The ‘Fischer Vronie’ sell ‘Steckerlfish’ taken freshly from the coals. Their mackerel is definitely worth trying!

Here, pitchers clink, laughters are brought to the heart and bavarian coziness is in the air.



Katharina berichtet gerne vom Anderswo des Dorfes, um uns auch den Rest der Stadt schmackhaft zu machen.

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