Speaking Hands
Day 5

Sign Language Week


Contrary to popular belief, deaf people can be anything, from employees or entrepreneurs to scientists or artists. As a matter of fact, deaf actress Marlee Matlin was awarded in 1987 with the Best Actress Oscar® for her performance in „Children of a Lesser God“. Nevertheless, the film industry is still far from being deaf-friendly. 

When you go to the movies, you normally choose dubbed movies or with subtitles in English to make your time as comfortable as possible. Sometimes you feel confident enough in a foreign language and you decide to see the original version. Depending on how solid your level is, you are very likely to miss some details. When this happened, have you ever wished you had subtitles in the original language to bridge the understanding gaps? 

For the deaf community, in turn, open captions are paramount to get an entertaining and full experience while watching a movie. In the next video, an American actor shares his first hand experience in movie theaters. Remember that most of the time the struggles in society for deaf or hearing-impaired people occur when other people (e.g. policy makers or business men) make it difficult for them. 

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRi89x1cC-M
Language: American Sign Language (ASL)

– Author: Juan