Speaking Hands
Day 1

Sign Language Week


Beyond our visible differences, I strongly believe that deep inside we can always find a way to relate to one another. For instance, according to Maslow’s pyramid, after fulfilling the physiological and safety level, humans seek to belong among social groups. This raises the following question: Have you ever felt the need to fit in and feel accepted? If so, you might not be surprised to know that this is not different for hearing-impaired or deaf people. 

The following video (scene starts at minute 7:50 and ends at 10:00) portrays the struggles of young people like you, who happen to be deaf and try to integrate in a society designed for hearing people. If you want to get more insights on this, I highly recommend you to watch season 5 of SKAM FRANCE (available on Dailymotion). This season of the internationally renowned series depicts Arthur’s life, who loses progressively his hearing ability and feels torn between the hearing and the deaf world.

Link: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7rp9zp
Language: French Sign Language (Langue des signes française or LSF)

– Author: Juan