Speaking Hands

Sign Language Week


Hola Olydorf,

Today I am finally launching a project I have been working on called SPEAKING HANDS. Through this project I would like to raise awareness among hearing students about deaf culture. Why am I doing this? Simply because I envision a society without barriers where people no matter their physical condition have a greater feeling of togetherness and belonging.

Every day for 7 days at 7pm I will be posting valuable content about this topic in 3 dimensions: people, language and culture. By the end of the week, I hope you have shifted the way you perceive hearing-impaired and  deaf people.

To have a sneak peak, I share with you an ad which shows us how much a little act of kindness can touch someone else’s life. 


Language: Turkish Sign Language (Türk İşaret Dili or TİD)

I am happy to hear feedback/suggestions from you anytime, as I am planning to make this project a bit bigger every year. Thank you very much and have a great start to this new year.

– Author: Juan